A passion for
lives families friends feelings health choice treatment care diagnosis understanding clarity most importantly... You.

A passion for improving
lives families friends feelings health choice treatment care diagnosis understanding clarity most importantly... You.

Your supported, person centred autism assessment journey starts here.

We are a private specialist autism assessment, diagnosis and support clinic, run by clinical experts in autism and wider neurodiversity.

We operate remotely throughout the United Kingdom, undertaking assessments and offering support from the comfort of your own home.

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About Autism 360

Welcome to Autism 360

On our website you will find all the information you need to guide your decision about whether to seek an autism assessment or not, as well as information that may be of use following an autism diagnosis.

We offer detailed assessments that are based upon national guidelines and follow UK diagnostic criteria. You can be confident that an assessment from Autism 360 is an accurate assessment.

We currently offer assessments for both adults and children. Please contact us for any enquiries or to express interest in our assessment pathways.

We aren't just about assessing for autism

At Autism 360 we want to share information about autism that is helpful for many people. In our resources section you will find information for autistic people, parents and for employers.

What is important to us
at Autism 360

If you believe you or someone you have responsibility for would benefit from an autism assessment, please explore the autism journey we offer.
What Is Important To Us

Why get an autism assessment?

Some of the reasons why people have come to us for an autism assessment include:

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I wanted to understand why I sometimes react the way I do in certain situations.

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Those around me said they thought I was autistic, and I wanted to know if they were right.

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Spending time with others has always been so exhausting and uncomfortable and I figured there must be a reason for it.

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When hearing about autism and its characteristics, I identified with it. It sounded a lot like me and how I have always been.

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My mum pushed for a referral for both ASD and ADHD since I was little, and I tried all my adult life. I decided to take the leap at almost 30 years old and get the last of the definitive answers I wanted to put my mind at ease and be able to access the support I desperately needed...... and I am SO glad I finally did!

Register for an autism assessment

An autism assessment can be the start of you better understanding yourself and how you see the world.

Seeking an autism diagnosis can be a positive step for many people. We're here to provide as much information as possible and to help make that informed decision about that next important step.

If you have already decided that you want Autism 360 to undertake your assessment, please register using the button below.

Thank you choosing us.

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