Meet The Team

Our Clinicians

Our autism clinicians have a wealth of combined experience in working with autistic people in various settings. They also have experience broader aspects of neurodiversity and other areas including mental health.

We encourage you to read the profiles of our clinicians. When choosing your appointment, you will also be able to see available assessment times, and which clinician an assessment is with, in case you prefer a specific clinician.

Angela W ASD 360
Angela Walker

Nurse Practitioner

Bryan Craig

Autism Practitioner

ASD 360 Liz Barkham
Liz Barkham


ASD 360 Sally Gunner
Sally Gunner
Advanced Nurse


Our Office Team

ASD 360 Chloe Humphries
Chloe Humphries

Care Co-ordinator

ASD 360 John Bennett
John Bennett

QA Administrator

Louiscia Mcleod ASD
Louiscia Mcleod

Care Co-ordinator

Our Leadership Team

Lisa M ASD 360
Lisa Mangle

Clinical Director

Phil A ASD 360
Phil Anderton

Managing Director

Rebecca W ASD 360
Rebecca Whelan

Deputy Director