Autism 360 Terms and Conditions

We thought we would set out for those who use our service the Terms and Conditions in relation to our assessment and diagnosis of Autism. Final details are confirmed as you ‘onboard’ with us in our online portal Chrysalis and when, and if, a diagnosis is confirmed.

  1. Autism 360, will take all necessary steps to protect your privacy and information.
  2. Autism 360 will need to review, use, and disclose information about you, your medical/psychiatric diagnosis to other professionals or care providers
  3. You will be expected to give permission for Autism 360 to share information with your GP, the NHS and/or other Specialists, as required
  4. You will be expected to the best of your knowledge, provide your accurate physical and mental health history and status
  5. It will be your constant responsibility to inform Autism 360 of any changes in your medical status, psychiatric/mental health and social status
  6. Autism 360 will perform a full assessment and may request other investigations, as required.
  7. It is the your or your representatives responsibility, to ensure that you attend pre-booked assessment appointments with Autism 360
  8. Failure to attend a pre-booked assessment appointment will be managed in accordance with Autism 360 Refund Policy which is available on our website
  9. You should understand that if you breach the details of Autism 360s terms and conditions or withdraw from service you remain fully liable for any payments that are due to Autism 360
  10. You should understand that Autism 360 is offering an Outpatient Consultation Service only. ADHD 360 is unable to treat those in crisis, emergency, or high-risk situations within, or outside working hours. If your mental health condition deteriorates, and you believe you are in an emergency or crisis situation, e.g. having suicidal thoughts, considering harm to yourself, others, or to property, or if you are at risk from others, you should immediately inform a relative/carer and contact the local NHS Crisis Team, go to the nearest A&E, or call an Ambulance or Police on 999 or 111 for immediate support.