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ASD 360 Roots

ASD 360 - Our roots

Autism 360 builds upon the neurodiversity assessment expertise of ADHD 360.

As an organisation we have vast amounts of experience within the field of neurodiversity and have successfully supported large numbers of people through diagnostic processes. Autism 360 Is the latest strand of the ‘360 family’.

Our leadership team, extending across both organisations, are national award-winning industry leaders in private mental health care.

The strong association between Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) naturally helped to formulate the two interlinking solutions.

By doing so, we are able to progress towards our overall goal: To provide each individual with the treatment and support that they need to reach their full potential.

Our vision for Autism 360 is:

We look beyond a diagnosis; we don’t just focus upon identifying a diagnosis, but supporting you to understand it for yourself, available to help you throughout your journey of understanding through our range of aftercare options.

We are strengths based, not just focused upon identifying impairment of functioning, but how you can maximise on your strengths.

Our role is to support you, and the wider autistic community, to advocate for yourselves, in education, the workplace and in day-to-day settings.

We seek to support the world to adapt to meet the needs of the autistic person through reasonable adjustments and awareness.

Our guiding principles and values:

At Autism 360 we hold ourselves up the following principles within all aspects of our work:

The story behind our brand

Rosie is a relative of our QA Director, and at the time of creating the logo was a 14 year old young woman who is herself Neurodiverse. In conversation with our Managing Director Phil Anderton, she asked if she could use her (considerable) artistic skills to ‘do something for 360’. The resulting artwork was immediately adopted as the ASD-360 logo, and the following words are Rosie’s story behind her art…

My aim was to create a logo to complement the existing ADHD 360 artwork but with ASD incorporated into the logo.

My brother has ASD and I have ADHD, so I feel that I have a good understanding, as I am on the spectrum. I am also aware of how the right help is incredibly important.

I chose to use a graphic depiction of a tree, with branches and coloured leaves. A tree starts small, but with the right nurturing and support can grow sturdy and strong- defeating all types of weather conditions and challenges.

With ASD logical thoughts and actions are usual; this is shown by the similar-sized leaves. With ADHD, thought and actions can be more impulsive and have a lack of focus, which I have communicated with the random placement.

The colours link to the present logo, but also show the range of emotions that are experienced.

We are rightly proud of the logo and especially the sentiment behind Rosie’s work.

Autism 360 branding