Autism and ADHD

Autism and ADHD

Autism and ADHD are neurodevelopmental disorders.

They share some common symptoms, such as:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Problems with social interaction.
  • A hard time communicating
  • Impulsive behaviours
  • Trouble with work and relationships
  • Challenges with relationships

However, the two disorders are also different in many ways.

Autism and ADHD

Is ADHD linked to Autism?

Our work with Tom Brown found that 76% of people with Autism were found to also have ADHD and only 4% were getting treatment.

Flip that over and you find 1 in 8 people with ADHD have Autistic tendencies. These people are unlikely to be getting the support they need for both conditions.

How can I get an ADHD diagnosis?

Autism 360 was founded by the largest single specialist ADHD clinic in the UK, ADHD 360.

ADHD 360 have a team of ADHD specialist clinicians who assess, diagnose and treat ADHD in children and adults, both privately and in partnership with the NHS.

Together we partner to help those with ADHD and Autism reach their full potential.

Can you have an Autism and ADHD diagnosis?

Can you have ADHD and Autism?

It is possible to to have both an ADHD and Autism diagnosis.

We like to refer to this process as “clearing the fog”.

This process starts by diagnosing and treating your ADHD.

By "clearing the fog” first of ADHD symptoms, an understanding of what is left behind can be made through an Autism assessment and diagnosis.

From there, we can provide and suggest the very best support for the symptoms of ADHD and Autism.

We are passionate about supporting those with Autism and ADHD on their journey to achieve their full potential.

What are the similarities between ADHD and Autism?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder are both neurodevelopmental disorders – meaning they affect brain development.

According to scientific studies, both conditions frequently show up together, but the cause is still unknown.

Brain growth has been disrupted in some manner for those with ADHD or Autism. The most significant aspect is the brain's executive functioning, which includes:

  • Decision making
  • Impulse control
  • Time management
  • Attention
  • And organisation skills.

For many, social abilities are also hampered by this.

the similarities between Autism and ADHD?
What are the differences between Autism and ADHD?

The two disorders may share some common symptoms but the two conditions also have their differences.

Autism is a condition that affects communication and social interaction. People with autism may have trouble understanding what others are saying, and they may find it difficult to communicate with others. They may also have difficulty relating to others and forming friendships For more information about Autism view our "What is Autism" page.

ADHD is a condition that affects focus and attention. People with ADHD may have trouble staying focused on tasks, and they may be easily distracted. They may also have trouble controlling their impulses, which can lead to problems at school or work.