I have a diagnosis of autism, now what?


As part of your assessment package, you will be invited to a post diagnosis webinar. We will let you know the dates of the webinar after you have had your feedback session, so you can choose which you would prefer to attend.

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The webinar will be up to an hour long. Other people who have also been recently diagnosed will also be invited. It will be a group of up to 15 people. It would be great to see you on the webinar, though we understand if you prefer to keep your camera off.

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The webinar will provide information about what the diagnosis may mean for you, what next with your diagnosis and an opportunity to ask questions to one of our clinicians (either via the chat function or as part of the group, whichever you prefer).


We appreciate parents or other family members may want to find out more information about autism. We will be offering a specific webinar for parents, that allows them the opportunity to ask their own questions. Webinars will be for adults and any older children that parents consider it would be appropriate for them to attend.

We ask parents or family members not to attend the introductory webinar on behalf of someone else, even if their loved one chooses not to attend. We ask parents to attend the parent webinar where we will happily answer any questions you may have. This helps to protect the environment for those attending the webinar..

Webinars For Parents

Webinars for parents

We will offer parents of children we have assessed an opportunity to ask questions within a specific parent webinar. This will contain much of the information given to those having been assessed and will give you an opportunity to ask questions from the parent perspective.

Dates for the parent webinars will be shared after the feedback session.


At Autism 360 we offer additional support packages, drawing on the varying expertise of our clinical team. This can include emotional support or coaching, opportunities to enhance your skills or further assessments.

Your clinician will discuss these with you within your feedback session.

Assessment Aftercare