Bryan Craig

Bryan Craig

Autism Practitioner

About Me

I am an experienced autism practitioner grounded in the belief that knowledge and values go hand in hand. I have always been curious about autism and neurodiversity more generally. This has kept my practice fresh and innovative. However, understanding requires a commitment to acceptance rather than change and kindness rather than control. Kindness is what defines me as a practitioner, and I try to embed this in every aspect of my work.

I have over 30 years’ experience in the field of autism and intellectual disabilities, working predominantly for autism and mental health charities as a lead educator and practitioner. I started my career whilst at university in New Zealand as a budding academic in developmental psychology. At the same time, I was employed as a support worker for the regional intellectual disability service. This kindled a passion for supporting autistic individuals and culminated in the closure of a hospital site and transition to community homes, where overnight patients became people.

I have been fortunate to be able to shape the development of autism practice in the UK by ensuring that theory and research have a practical application within services and that individual well-being and quality of life are the only things that matter. Access to a timely and accurate diagnosis is central to this.

I am trained in carrying out diagnostic assessments for autism using both ADOS-2 and ADI-R. I am also trained and experienced in delivering a range of NICE recommended approaches to promote skill development and well-being.

At Autism 360 my skillset will focus on pulling information together from all sources in order to make an accurate and meaningful diagnosis and to begin building a holistic picture of support needs with the person.

2003RNMNottingham University
2010Clinical Supervision PG CertUniversity of Sheffield
2016Non-medical Prescribing NMPSheffield Hallam University
2021Masters in Advanced Practice MScSheffield Hallam University