Louiscia Mcleod

Louiscia Mcleod ASD

Louiscia Mcleod

Care co-ordinator

About Me

I am a Psychology and Special Educational Needs and Inclusion graduate, having graduated from Bishop Grosseteste University in 2018. Since graduating I have gained a wealth of experience working with people with all ages; from 3 months to 70 years old! My background is in working with individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions, but with a particular focus on autism. Within my various roles, I have helped to promote and encourage independence alongside emotional health and wellbeing.

In my current role as Care Coordinator at Autism 360, I continue to advocate for person-centred care for all and believe in working collaboratively to develop and shape our services together. At the core of my care delivery is my passion and belief in ensuring the individual feels listened to and supported in achieving their full potential.

2018BA Psychology, Special Educational Needs and Inclusion