Chloe Humphries

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Chloe Humphries

Care Co-ordinator

About Me

I worked within the Learning Disabilities sector for around 4 years as a Support worker. Assisting young adults with daily tasks and to go out and do various activities. Many of the young people I supported had been diagnosed with Autism and I worked very closely with them. This helped me have a better understanding of the emotional and physical needs of people diagnosed with Autism and how best I could support them. Everyone has different needs and it’s about tailoring the support we provide that works best for every individual and the individual needs they have.

I enjoy working with ASD 360 for many reasons, I enjoy working with everyone involved in the business as nothing is ever too much to ask and help is always on hand. Everyone is patient and understanding which I believe is a crucial element in the line of work we do.

Outside of work I enjoy day trips and holidays with my partner and friends, I love going on holiday and exploring new parts of the world. I’m also a massive Disney fan so anything Disney related I am there!!