Rebecca Whelan

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Rebecca Whelan

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

About Me

My clinical background is mainly in working with Adults with acute, complex, and enduring mental issues. 

During my career spanning over 20 years in nursing, my clinical experience has included working with Autistic adults and those with ADHD in mental health settings. I first became inspired to consider neurodiverse conditions within inpatient healthcare environments as I led on the Green Light Project within my local NHS trust which involved implementing changes to improve the experience of Autistic people in mental health settings. From then on, I became the area lead for supporting people with Autism in the hospital and worked closely with specialists from the learning disability and Autism service to ensure that the care provided was inclusive of the individuals specific needs. As my desire to become more holistic in my practice grew, I developed specialist skills, to recognize ADHD and Autism.

Alongside my experience in the assessment and treatment of Psychiatric conditions, I developed specialist skills in order to assess neurodiverse conditions such as Autism and ADHD.

I am ADOS and ADI-R trained and experienced in the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Given my mental health background, I have a keen interest in co–existing and overlapping mental health symptoms and presentations and traits associated with neurodiverse conditions.

My ethos as a clinician is to consider each person individually to ensure that difficulties and challenges to that person are fully considered and understood so that the best support and treatment is offered.




2003Registered Nurse – Mental Health
2016Nurse Independent/ Supplementary Prescriber
2021MSC Advanced Clinical Practice